PASTOR APPROVED: Rise, Kill & Eat Book Review

Published on August 1, 2014

For the reader I must say that in preparation of reading this book I hoofed it out back to dial in my Winchester model .70 300 WinMag. In my simple mind I figured the focus of a tight pattern at a couple hundred yards and the smell of a solid round and hot barrel would get me in the right mindset for reading Doug’s new book, “Rise, Kill & Eat”.

I also want to make it clear that my review is from the Biblical lens of a Pastor and Patriot. Not the skinny jeans wearing Zac Efron hair gelled, pacifist hipster wannabe pastor. I’m a husband, father, pastor, and patriot who clings to my Bible, guns and freedom. All that with an accurate worldview which leads me to the love of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the American Capitalistic Way kind of Pastor. I’m in a rather small but stalwart clan of real men..and woMEN.

Now for the book. Doug, in his very Dougatious way lays out a short, concise and clear overview of THE Holy Book in regard to the God-given dominion our Creator has given us over the animals that walk this great planet.

In very short order Doug clearly spanks the Biblically illiterate, historically ignorant and leftist jackweeds of our day.

To the Biblically illiterate “Christians/Pastors” he gives a very concise and pithy schooling through the Bible only – I love that. Yes it’s true my little friends, the Bible is one audacious, raucous book. Too many pastors and Christians want to view this God inspired book through only through the lens of effeminate love, but they miss the mark. We are not called to view the Bible through a lens, we are to allow the Bible to BE our lens through which we view the world around us. Doug does just that. He walks the willing reader systematically through the scriptures allowing them to see for themselves that God is a total advocate of the hunters and providers of our day.

To the historically ignorant Doug gives a brief yet clear understanding that the pail, vegan, vegetarian, meat mongers of our day are a new fad driven primarily with an anti gun, anti freedom of speech and anti American mindset funded primarily by wealthy liberal lunatics.

To the leftist jackweeds Mr. Giles shoves their ignorant smack talk right back in their faces. After all, that is what the left is all about. They love the nonsensical. Doug simply states the facts. Liberals HATE facts. He also states that if you don’t agree with the Bible or historical truth or if you simply want to be protein deficient that is your prerogative – just keep your rap shut and don’t try to manipulate the masses with your lies, rhetoric and poor dietary habits.

All in all, I found Rise Kill & Eat to be biblically accurate, historically sound, truly enjoyable and a heck of a resource for we the common man (and woman) to use whilst conversing with the neanderthals of our day.



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