PEEPING TOM: Pervert Caught On Film Lurking Outside Woman’s Bedroom

Published on August 18, 2014

Can you shoot ‘Peeping Tom’s’? If not, is it okay to get a bad-ass dog and have him chew on one? Get a gun ladies. Lots of freak boys out there. Check it out.

It’s something you think would never happen to you.

This is the moment a ‘Peeping Tom’ was caught on video, peering through the window of a 37-year-old woman’s apartment whilst she was in the shower.

The victim of this creepy incident set up cameras after her boyfriend had previously confronted the same man twice for lurking in the bushes outside her Boston apartment.

When confronted by the woman’s boyfriend, the ‘Peeping Tom’ insisted he was looking for his dog, the Boston Globe reports.

At the time of recording, the woman, who lives alone, was taking a shower.

Read more: Daily Mail

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