PROGRESSIVE HATRED: Roots in Godless Humanism

Published on August 8, 2014

by Daniel Greene
Clash Daily Contributor

It is amusing to watch Progressives project their own flaws, foibles, and kinks onto others as they make the mistake of assuming that normal people suffer from the same soulless, narcissistic, bitter state of Progressive Humanism that they suffer from. Just last week, Barack Obama displayed a classic case of projection of his own personality disorders when he told Republicans to “stop being mad all the time; stop just hating.” In the perfect example of throwing stones from inside a glass house, Obama forgot the recent history of hatred and contempt that prominent lefties have demonstrated towards those who disagree with them.

Recent revelations of Progressive arrogance and contempt for the little people is revealing of the attitude of hatred that has infected the members of the ‘Enlightened’ class. The Enlightened Ones are simply Humanists who honestly believe it is their role to rule the world, and inflict their imperious hatred on the commoners. The latest flagrant display of contempt for the little people came 8/1, when former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s accosted, on the House floor, Republican Representative Tom Marino, who was exposing the Dems’ failure to deal with the immigration crisis (when they had a lock on Congress and the presidency in 2009 and 2010). Marino had the temerity to point out that His Holiness Barack Obama had repeatedly made the campaign promise in 2008 to deal with the immigration crisis. (I know, “Obama promise” is the ultimate of oxymorons; but, hey, he did promise).

Pelosi revealed her inflated opinion of herself and her disgust with those below her station in life when she confronted Rep. Marino and called him “an insignificant person.” Imagine, a Congressman actually pointing out the failures of the left, and making Her Royal Highness look bad. If that kind of behavior is allowed to continue, then the little people (citizens of the nation; or, as Nancy sees them, subjects of the Crown) will begin to believe that they have the right to speak out and disagree with the Enlightened Ones.

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This contempt for the citizens has been visible for some time, going back to December of 2008, when Harry Reid happily told the media at the opening of the new Capitol Visitor Center that he wouldn’t have to “smell the tourists anymore.” Reid cannot abide rubbing shoulders with commoners, and he was instrumental in the approval of the $621 million Visitor Center, which would keep the peasants away from His Awesomeness. Of course, Reid is the same guy who said that uppity Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy should be prosecuted, as Bundy had interfered with His Majesty Reid’s scheme to take Nevada grazing land away from the ranchers and give it to his son to sell to Chinese solar energy developers. Prince Harry was oozing venom when he promised commoner Bundy, “It’s not over,” referring to Bundy’s efforts to thwart Prince Harry’s crony capitalism.

Let’s not forget former MSNBC anchor and Progressive Propagandist Martin Bashir, whose obsessive hatred for conservative women was proudly demonstrated on air last November when he declared that Sarah Palin was “America’s resident dunce” and “a world class idiot”, and then proceeded to declare that someone should defecate in her mouth. Anyone smell hatred here?

And, of course, there is former IRS director Lois Lerner, whose emails have revealed that she believed conservatives to be “a**holes” and “crazies”, equivalent to alien terrorists. But this nasty woman doesn’t hold a candle to the latest Queen of Mean, Hillary Clinton, whose hate-filled behavior is not reserved for those who disagree with her. Anyone who works for, with, or around Hillary is subject to her foul bile. This woman has a truly pathological hatred for people, even those who are subservient to her.

According to author Ron Kessler (First Family Detail), Hillary’s hatred has earned her the sobriquet “most detested person” under the protection of the Secret Service. Agents who served (and serve) on Hillary’s detail say that working for her is a form of punishment. Hillary greets agents who are bold enough to address her with “f**k off.” A former agent told Kessler, “The Clintons don’t want to see you; they don’t want to hear you; get out of the way.” Hillary’s venom is so potent that, according to Kessler, she belittled and humiliated White House counsel and buddy Vince Foster so viciously in a June, 1993, White House staff meeting that he committed suicide. Hillary doesn’t reserve her hatred for the enemy.

This bizarre combination of self-love and hatred of others is symptomatic of the disease of Humanism, a spiritual cancer that begins with Godlessness. There are two kinds of people in the world, those who believe in the one true God, and those who don’t. Those who don’t turn to the worship of all things human – human knowledge, human technology, human science and academics, human celebrities (big screen, flat screen, musical, sports, politics, etc.). And when people dump God and worship all things human, their souls rot from being disconnected from the source of life. The fruit of this Humanist rot can be seen in the elevation of self, and in the contempt and visceral hatred for others that is so frequently displayed by Progressives.


Daniel GreeneAs an army brat, Daniel Greene has lived around the world. He earned a bachelor’s degree from George Washington University, volunteered to serve in the US Army as a medical tech during Viet Nam, then began a varied career. He belongs to no political party, as he believes in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit; the constitution; the bill of rights; a vitally strong America (both morally and militarily), and the need to actively defend those institutions, and no political party supports those tenets.



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