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THE RELIGION OF PEACE: ‘Leave, Convert, or Die’, ISIS Take Over of Iraq’s Largest Christian City

Let’s wait to see what this administration does as there is a looming genocide about to take place in Iraq. See below…

The White House stopped short Thursday of committing America’s military to stopping a potential “genocide” in Iraq, declining to say whether doing so is in “America’s core interests.”

Officials say the administration nevertheless is weighing options ranging from military strikes to the delivery of humanitarian aid for ethnic minorities driven from their homes by Islamist militants, according to the Associated Press. The New York Times reported that the deliberations are in response to the tens of thousands of people trapped on a mountaintop in the country’s north after Islamist militants drove them from their homes.

President Obama discussed the crisis with his national security team Thursday morning as the Islamic State (IS), the militant group formerly known as ISIS, made further gains. Airstrikes in particular would mark a significant shift in the U.S. strategy in Iraq.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, though, would not confirm the reports at Thursday’s press briefing and would not say what would trigger a military response.

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