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‘SHARIA IS COMING’: Hannity Debates Radical UK Imam With Ties to Journalist’s Beheading

If you’re still not convinced that radical Islam is a serious threat to America, this should change your mind real quick. Check it out…

London Imam: Sharia law is coming to a place near you. (TRT: 35)

HANNITY: I don’t want your Sharia Law and neither does anybody in Great Britain that has a brain.
CHOUDARY: Well you will have no choice – in fact, Sean, it’s coming to a place near you. It’s coming to a place near you.
HANNITY: So you’re threatening to come and get me is that what you’re saying?
CHOUDARY: I’m saying that the sharia will be implemented in the whole world one day. It’s the promise of the messenger Mohamed

Read more: Fox Nation

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