SNAP: Jon Karl to Obama, ‘Does It Bother You More’ to be Labeled an ‘Imperial’ or ‘Do-Nothing’ President?’

Jon Karl wasn’t sugar coating anything in this Q&A session with Obama. Check out how he digs into him with just one question:

During the Question & Answer session following President Barack Obama’s remarks on his recent summit with African leaders, ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl asked the president about rumors of executive action regarding immigration reform.

Karl referenced then-Candidate Obama’s statements during the 2008 election when he criticized George W. Bush for ‘bringing more power into the executive branch, and not going through Congress at all’. At the time, Obama pledged to ‘reverse’ that pattern.

Karl asked Obama whether the ‘dysfunctional’ Congress’ inability to pass sufficient immigration reform legislation ‘given [him] the green light’ to ‘push the limits of Executive power’.

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