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‘Sorry Ms Carter’: Jay Z’s Alleged Mistress Releases Song Aimed At Beyonce

Could this be the reason that Solange Knowles was beating up Jay-Z in the elevator? Do you think this chick is for real? If so, I wonder who’s side the Obama’s will take. Check it out…

A former model, who claims Jay Z tried to cheat on his wife Beyonce with her, has released a song aimed at the superstar couple.

Olivia McFaller, who goes by the rap moniker Yes Live Can, addresses Beyonce in the new track in which she claims she turned down Jay Z’s advances.

The wannabe rapper first made the claims that Jay Z tried make her his mistress in an interview in August 2013 and has continued to repeat her accusations in her interviews and music.

The song, titled Sorry Ms. Carter, samples the well-known instrumental for the OutKast’s hit track, Ms Jackson.

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