SPEAKING UP! It Can Cost You Friendships: Are You Willing?

Written by ++++Allen on August 30, 2014

I have, or I should say had, a friend for over 30 years…longer than some of you have been alive. Somewhere along the road she became an extreme earth worshiper and everything that goes along with that lunatic liberal mindset…I think she has literally lost her mind. She has become another mouth piece channeling the politics of her god Al Gore-the-prophet via global warming, by regurgitating lies twisted with facts that are misconstrued.

Speaking up can cost friendships…yes it can. Is losing a friend of more than three decades worth it?…Yes! We all have to risk ruffling some feathers in order to tell the truth about issues, it is literally life and death… shout it from the rooftops! Our country is like the Titanic going somewhere to find that iceberg, (on several issues) and only the brave hearted can hopefully stop the impending disaster, or at least slow it way the hell down.

By the way, the “disaster(s)” we are facing are not global warming, false reports of daily animal species extinction, recycling or any of a plethora of Earth Day inspired causes that will sink us. So just what is the iceberg ahead? It’s the liberal left and their ignorant and gullible followers that will sink America, sooner than later. Every liberal cause is a designed tactic to destroy our way of life and to establish us as part of a global community instead of our being an independent nation, this evil treachery will only be achieved by transforming minds

Here are some excerpts from her rant against my previously published ClashDaily.com article arguing against global warming, that I had also posted on my personal Facebook; (I have not corrected her punctuation):

this is an issue that I think the stereotype conservatives sound quite ignorant. I support some Christian conservationist groups who strongly believe in climate change. God gave man the privilege of stewardship, often called creation care , and we aren’t doing a very good job. the created order is a delicate balance of beauty. species are going extinct everyday. we pollute our water, and use too many natural resources without consideration for future generations. an example I believe should be taken slowly and carefully is fracking. . there are serious considerations that should be looked at before we just start taking what we want from the earth. America is 2nd. when it comes to pollution, beaten only by china as number one. I asked don, how come we came up #2? he said because as a nation we are extreme consumers and waste so much. I have the honor of living in California when it comes to environmental consciousness, but according to people I’ve talked to most other states are not as sensitive and doing much even with basic recycling. to me that is very sad. for anyone interested in hearing from a author/advocate of Christian conservation who addresses the subject with intelligence and sensitivity.

…Blah, blah blah. (After consideration I didn’t include said authors name that advocates earth worship.)

Ok so according to my once-upon-a-time good-friend, I and most conservatives are “ignorant,” but the earth worshiping author she refers to has “intelligence”…her words. One thing about liberals they all fight the same way…with name calling.

Remember there is nothing new under the sun, these types don’t possess a creative bone in their bodies and cannot think for themselves, but only regurgitate the falsehoods fed them.

My response to her name calling letter goes as follows.

I agree that the earth is special, I totally believe that… but, it is special only because Creator-God made it for us to enjoy.

I love, love the ocean, yet all along the shore in Galveston and beyond there is seaweed, it’s deep, wide and very smelly.  That is not the fault of man, it’s nature.  We recycle, (because we finally have received a special bin that is picked up on trash day) and we don’t litter.  It is a slippery slope from respect for the earth that God gave us, to earth worship (putting the earth and animals equal to or ABOVE people.)  Or is this where you AGAIN call me “smug?”  You who are a Christian have resorted to name calling of another Child of God in defense of this earth, because I do not agree that this earth (that only God can destroy) is equal to man in importance to God.  That’s messed up, and that is earth-worship!

These earth worshipping minds belong to imbeciles who do not believe in a great big loving God who keeps time and space moving to His own beat. “As long as the earth remains, there will be seed time and harvest”…Genesis 8:22

As you can see in my ex-friends communication, she has obviously gone over to the dark side, her transformation is complete.

I can’t help but wonder…If one loves the earth so much, shouldn’t those lovers do their part by sacrificing their lives–Dr. Kavorkian style–in order to eliminate their own ecological carbon footprint from this world? Not in their self-righteous eyes, no!… They are superior…you’re not.

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