A STEAMING PILE OF AL: Sharpton Differentiates Between ‘Shoplifting’ And ‘Robbery’ in Michael Brown Case

Published on August 19, 2014

Al Sharpton educates us on the difference between ‘shoplifting’ and ‘robbing’. Apparently, Michael Brown was only ‘shoplifting’. Check it out…

Al Sharpton was in Ferguson, Missouri on Sunday standing alongside the family of 18-year-old Michael Brown who was shot and killed by a police officer last week. Speaking to a congregation at Greater St. Marks Family Church, Sharpton sought to draw a bizarre distinction between shoplifting and robbery.

Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others have criticized the Ferguson Police Department for releasing the surveillance footage that appears to indict Brown. Sharpton used his speech on Sunday to offer further condemnation.

“I have never in all my years seen something as offensive and insulting as a police chief releasing a tape of a young man trying to smear him before we even have his funeral or his burial,” Sharpton said. “First of all, if this is the young man, y’all quit trying to exaggerate. That was shoplifting, not robbery… Robbery, you break in, stick something up. Shoplifting, you take some cigars. It’s wrong if he did it, but call it what it is.”

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