THANK YOU, BURGLARS: Belated Self-Defense Reminder on My Birthday

Published on August 10, 2014

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

My birthday just occurred recently and the link above shows that I got a belated birthday present from three burglars in time to reinforce a warning that I repeatedly give to my wife . I have explained to her that the police should not enter your home without a warrant or your permission . If they attempt to do so, they are only armed intruders . It’s why no-knock raids should be prohibited . For the safety of the police and the safety of the homeowner who lawfully uses lethal force while in fear of his life from armed home invaders .
In reference to the cited article, a woman was at HOME in her apartment when three men knocked on the door and said they were police and needed to talk to her . She cracked the front door to get a look and saw one of the “police” raise a gun towards her . She fired first injuring one of the intruders ( police ? ) and they ran off . I’m assuming that they weren’t dressed as policemen, but in effect would it have made a difference if the three (fake police) had rented police costumes? According to the article, they announced that they were police, but said nothing about having a warrant ! Which made them armed intruders .
Let’s carry things a step further, and say that the burglars ( fake police or gang members taking revenge or whatever) were just a little more intelligent and had rented police uniforms, and carried a couple of type written pages stapled to some blue construction paper . Would this have made a difference ?

I have explained to my wife that if someone/anyone points a gun/pistol/rifle at you and you can shoot them first ( in self defense as I would certainly be afraid for my life if someone points a firearm at me ) – do so and sort out the consequences later . It’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six .
The 4th amendment of the Constitution gives you the right to be secure in you home from unreasonable search and seizures of your property by the government . The 2nd amendment gives you the means to protect yourself . So if armed intruders are outside your door, alleging that they are the police and have a warrant and are in uniform, you need to discern the truth of what is going on. To that end it would seem to make sense to “read” the warrant and then decide upon a course of action.

Attempts by armed intruders to force entry should be resisted until you determine if they are in fact the police, and that the warrant is “reasonable”. If you are allowed to own guns/rifles/pistols in your state then a warrant to search for “legal” weapons is unreasonable and use of force to resist is authorized by the Constitution.