TODAY’S RIDDLE: Obama, Robin Williams, Ferguson, MO Have What in Common?

Written by Jerry Novick on August 19, 2014

Before his untimely death, rumors had swirled for more than 2 decades that Robin Williams would someday play The Riddler in the Batman movie franchise. Sadly, by taking his own life, Williams left us with a puzzle instead of one more memorable screen role.

So in his honor, I’d like to pose a riddle: Robin Williams killed himself for it… Obama is deluded to think he has it… Ferguson, Mo., is out of it… and though you and I crave it, we will never gain it unless we give it up.

Give up?







It’s control!

We all want to feel like we are in control. But really, none of us are. Not temporarily, not ever. No matter how hard we fight for it.

Let’s look at Robin Williams. Here was a man rich with many talents, but plagued by the horrible illness known as Depression.

And what is Depression when you boil it down to basics? It is a mind taken over by lies. Depression tells you that there is no hope, that nobody loves you, that there is nothing but despair and heartache ahead of you in this world, and that the pain will go on forever. Depression tells you you are worthless, which is never true about anybody.

But ironically, Depression does also reveals some truth; the truth that you are not in control. And it is this truth that can kill you. It can kill you by convincing you that you can exert control, that you can “set yourself free,” by leaving the unending pain of life for the peace of death.

Robin Williams was sick. His brain was lying to him. He felt out of control so deeply that he became convinced that the only way to get any control at all was to make one final, permanent decision. A decision that showed he was completely out of the thing he so desperately wanted…

Poor Robin Williams was totally out of control.

And so is Barack Obama…

Here we have a man driven by ego to the point of self-delusion and narcissism, which are also diseases of the mind.

Plainly put, Barack Obama will lie, cheat, and steal to feed his pathological need to feel superior to everyone around him. Unfortunately, because he is the President of the United States of America, we all have to suffer for his illness. So while Obama feeds his need to feel like he is in total control, the world spirals more and more out of it.

Why do you think the man plays so much golf? Because golf is a game of control. It pits a person’s skill against the course, and it can only be won by exerting precisions control of your swing.

Plus, Obama believes that when people see him playing golf that it conveys the message that things are in control… that he has everyone right where he wants them, so much so that he can run the nation while playing a game.

But Obama is not in control, and we are paying for it. Jihad is on the rise all over the world. The economy has yet to recover despite mounds of taxpayer money being thrown at the problem. Millions of American’s have lost the health insurance they liked and been forced to pay more for health insurance they can’t stand. And the borders that are supposed to protect us have been obliterated.

Voters appear to be slowly waking up to Obama’s Progressive Lie. And as his approval numbers plummet to new lows, Barack is even beginning to lose the support of his once blindly-loyal media lapdogs.

Which brings us to Ferguson, Missouri, where ironically that very same media is fighting to gain control of the message. It’s an old message: racist whites are killing innocent black kids. But it appears that only the hardline race-baiters —  Democrats, the Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, and Liberal Journalists — and opportunistic looters are buying into the lie.

And while everyone rushes to judgment without the evidence, it just goes to show that they too are way out of control. Ferguson has pulled people in so many different directions, that it may never be whole again.

So if none of us has control, then who does?


In fact, God has control in His grasp so completely, so effortlessly, that only He is able to grant back to us a unique form of control: free will.

With God-granted free will, we can make choices. Some people make good choices. Some make bad choices.

But the best choice any of us can make is to put God in control of our lives.

It sounds circular and confusing: we have no control, but we need to give up control, and then we can gain some control, which we really should give up.

But such are the mysteries of God, free-will, and choice.

Robin Williams is no longer free to make choices…

Barack Obama is too concerned with trying to control our choices…

Ferguson, Missouri, needs to begin making some good choices…

And the best choice to make is to give up control to the One Who is truly in control. Only then can we have any control at all.


Jerry Novick has spent the past 30 years writing everything from advertising to comic books - but he is fast gaining a new reputation for his focus on the relationship between God, Country, and the Constitution. By blood Jerry is Jewish, by choice he is Christian - which potentially doubles his presents in December. He makes a habit of mixing religion and politics, especially in his (mostly) Daily Devotional series: TheWriteAmerica's Patriot Devotionals. These Devotionals, and other feature articles by Jerry, can be found at