TONY STEWART: Kevin Ward’s Relatives Call Him A “Dick” And Reveal TS Injured Ward’s Pal On Same Track

Published on August 11, 2014

Tony Stewart is in a heck of a mess after hitting 20-yr old, Kevin Ward Jr., on the race track. The grieving families are giving their thoughts and not holding back. Check it out…

Anger from members of Kevin Ward Jr.’s family has publicly spilled out in the aftermath of his tragic death in upstate New York on Saturday.

His aunt, Wendi Ward, posted a furious message to Facebook on Sunday, labeling three-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart a ‘d**k’ following his fatal collision with 20-year-old Ward on the track at Canandaigua Motorsports Park on Saturday night.

Raging that Stewart, 43, has left her family with a ‘deep hurt that should not be there’, Ward’s comments are in stark contrast to the more measured official statement released by his parents, who were reportedly in the crowd when their son was hit and killed.

A day after the 20-year-old was fatally hit by Stewart, his family said it ‘appreciates all the prayer and support’ but that they ‘would like time to grieve and wrap our heads around all of this’.

But furious aunt Wendi didn’t hold back when she sarcastically posted ‘thanks for thinking of our family tony Stewart (sic) when you decided to be a d**k’.

On Sunday, some members of the Ward family posted a group picture to Facebook of them wearing T-shirts embossed with artwork on the back from Ward’s website and the message ‘Always and forever’.

The outpouring of grief from the Wards, a prominent racing family in the local community, comes almost one year to the date of Stewart’s involvement in a 15-car pile-up at exactly the same track that seriously injured a 19-year-old female driver last year.

Alysha Ruggles, who was friends with Kevin Ward Jr., was left with a compression fracture of her back after Stewart triggered the mass-crash in July 2013, which the NASCAR legend, nicknamed Smoke, has admitted responsibility for.

At the time of the crash, Ruggles’ mother, Wendy told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle that her daughter was lucky to escape without more serious injury.


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