UNASHAMED: Illegal Immigrants Run Out Onto Beach Shore In Broad Daylight

Published on August 29, 2014

Do these people crossing the border illegally think that they can just pull up to the shore on the southern border and run into America? Apparently, that’s the message they’re getting from this administration. Check it out…

Miranda Fuller, on vacation in San Diego, witnessed a disturbing and dangerous occurrence Monday while on at Mission Beach. Twenty men, all dressed in black, stormed the beach in San Diego. These men were illegal aliens who landed on the beach in a panga boat.

It happened at approximately 7 am on Monday morning. After the men stormed the beach, they ran across the beach, climbed a wall, and headed into the city. Fortunately, much of their movement was caught by a homeowner’s surveillance camera.

Brian Wu, a Mission Beach resident, told NBC7 that the men appeared to have someone waiting for them. His cameras tracked them running into an alley where they changed clothes before attempting to walk into the city and blend in. Seven of the illegal alien invaders were spotted via helicopter and apprehended. Officials are still searching for the others.

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