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VOTER FRAUD REPORT: 4 Years & No Investigation By Holder

True the Vote’s president Catherine Engelbrecht is a true patriot.  She has worked relentlessly to insure the integrity of the American voting process.  However, Eric Holder and this corrupt administration through its use of the IRS has tried to suppress her efforts at every turn.  She is calling on the American public to get involved at their local level to secure the future of America through honest elections.  Go to True the Vote, get educated and get involved.

By Heather Smith, DC Caller

WASHINGTON – When Fairfax County’s election board in Virginia cross-referenced voter registrations with jury pools, they discovered more than 200 people registered to vote who had also declined to serve on a jury because of their non-citizen status.’s Virginia Bureau Chief Kenric Ward revealed on WMAL Radio in Washington, D.C. Thursday afternoon that after 4 years, the investigation into the alleged voter fraud has gone nowhere.

“The Eric Holder Justice department has told election officials around the country to be very careful about doing anything that would smack of voter suppression. What we have here is voter suppression because you have people who are voting and canceling out other people’s votes. They shouldnt be on the voting rolls at all but they are voting and the prosecutor is letting them do it,” Ward told WMAL.

“This is happening big time in Fairfax,” said the Virginia-based journalist.

The more than 200 non-citizen names on voter rolls were givenRe to Commonwealth Attorney Raymond Morrogh, a Democratic attorney in Fairfax County, four years ago.

“There is just no impetus or motivation to do anything. These cases remain stuck,” the bureau chief said.

Ward believes the situation was best described by True the Vote’s president Catherine Engelbrecht who told him, “This is the Obama administration’s open borders policy to voter registration.”

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