WATCH THEM SQUIRM: Here’s 5 Questions To Ask Your Liberal Friends

Published on August 31, 2014

Here are five questions from David Bahnsen that are sure to make your liberal friends squirm. Check it out…

(1) Do you believe public employee unions have been a constructive force in American society or a destructive one?

(2) Are you for MORE government in American lives, or LESS government? The confusion lies in the left’s pretty consistent opposition to things like school choice and health care freedom, but pretty consistent support for things like abortion rights and gay marriage.

(3) Would you consider the “war on poverty” of the last fifty years to have been a success? If so, by what basis do you see it as such?

(4) Do you like big money in politics or dislike it? If you dislike it, do you believe it should be demonized when the last name is Soros and Steyer or only Koch?

(5) Does the economy function better with greater regulation or less regulation? If the former, can you think of an industry or company or product or innovation that has thrived with more regulation?

Read full article at: David Bahnsen

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