WORLD RE HAMAS/ISRAEL: Cawing of Crazies & Clowns

Written by Allan Erickson on August 5, 2014

“Hamas is a humanitarian organization.”–Nancy Pelosi, July 2014.

“Death to Israel—Death to America!”–Khaled Meshaal, head of political Hamas, echoing the Hamas charter.

(Hamas is a terrorist organization according to the U.S., Great Britain, Japan, Canada, Jordan, Egypt, Australia and the European Union. Norway, Russia, Germany and others condemn the promotion of violence by Hamas.)

Secretary of State John Kerry says progress is being made toward peace in Gaza thanks to Turkey and Qatar, both allies of Hamas, both condemning Israel in the harshest terms.  Begs the question: Mr. Kerry–with whom do you side?

Trampling on Arab League, Saudi and Egyptian efforts to achieve a cease-fire, Sec. of State Kerry insists we submit to Hamas demands: a cease-fire, prohibit Israel from destroying tunnels and allow free commerce to and from Gaza.  In other words, Kerry would allow Hamas to continue waging war, as a precondition to peace. WTH?

EXCERPT, June 2014: The White House announcement that it would break with existing US policy and work with a new Palestinian government which includes the terrorist organization Hamas has stunned and outraged Israelis and emboldened radicals in the Arab and Muslim world.  As a result, hundreds of millions of American dollars flow to Hamas.  Yup.  That would tend to “embolden” the bad guys.

August 2014: Headline: Gaza Truce in Tatters, Obama Blames Hamas. It is so frustrating befriending terrorists.  One day they love you, and the next they are trying to take your head! 

May 2011: President Obama urges Israel to return to pre-1967 borders, as if Israel never won the war launched that year by several Arab states, a victory that won Israel the necessary land required for secure borders, some of which was given to Palestinians in order to work for peace.   In 2011, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu reminded Obama the U.S. promised in 2004 Israel would never have to return to the pre-1967 borders because that would mean the destruction of the state of Israel. 

CNN report by Wolf Blitzer, August 3, 2014: Today, the Palestinian Health Ministry said at least 10 people were killed when Israeli shells landed near a United Nations-run school in Southern Gaza that was sheltering almost 3,000 people.  No comment yet from Israel on the attack, but the U.N. secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, called it – and I’m quoting now – “a moral outrage and a criminal act.”

Obama administration officials call the school incident “despicable, appalling, disgraceful, horrifying, indefensible.”

Low and behold: Sunday’s Gaza school attack now appears to be staged.

Meanwhile, 8,000 Christians are slaughtered by jihadists each month.  Obama says nothing.  CNN says nothing.  Pelosi says nothing. Kerry says nothing. 

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Allan Erickson
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