AMAZING: These 12 Pictures of Unborn Animals In The Womb Will Blow Your Mind

Here are some amazing pictures that you have to see to believe of life inside the womb. This list was originally compiled by Buzzfeed. Check it out…

1. Unborn Elephant

Unborn Elephant

Peter Chinn

Adorable! Look at its little trunk!

2. Unborn Horse

Unborn Horse

Peter Chinn

3. Unborn Leopard

Unborn Leopard

Peter Chinn

4. Unborn Penguin

Unborn Penguin

Peter Chinn

5. Unborn Dolphin

Unborn Dolphin

Peter Chinn
Aww how cute!

6. Unborn Tiger Shark

Unborn Tiger Shark

Peter Chinn
Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

7. Unborn Lemon Shark

Unborn Lemon Shark

Peter Chinn

8. Unborn Polar Bears

Unborn Polar Bears

Peter Chinn

9. Unborn Snake

Unborn Snake

Peter Chinn
This is also disturbing.

10. Unborn Possum

Unborn Possum

Peter Chinn

11. Unborn Bats

Unborn Bats

Peter Chinn

12. Unborn Chihuahua

Unborn Chihuahua

Peter Chinn

Clump of Cells?

Clump of Cells?

Peter Chinn

Wait a minute, what? That’s an unborn human being isn’t it? For every other entry in this series, we realized that the animal inside the womb was the same type of thing as the animal outside the womb. Why should it be different for human beings? It would be dehumanizing to use dissociative language like “clump of cells” in this instance.

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