Amazing New Evidence Indicates Michael Brown’s Friend Joined Attack On Ferguson Cop

Written by Donald Joy on September 5, 2014

Recent analysis shows that Michael Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson, besides being Brown’s accomplice in the convenience store robbery just minutes before, may have also helped Brown in the physical fight against officer Darren Wilson which took place at (and inside) Wilson’s patrol vehicle.  This is completely contrary to Johnson’s statements portraying himself merely as a witness to the fight.  It’s also extremely important news, which the corrupted news-reporting profession refuses to report.

The unpaid super-sleuths at The Conservative Treehouse are once again blowing to smithereens the usual left-wing race hoax media narrative:  Just as they did last year, when they doggedly unearthed irrefutable key evidence and analysis to which George Zimmerman’s defense team continuously turned for help in exonerating their client in the Trayvon Martin fiasco, the blogging collective at TCT (also known as The Last Refuge), or “Treepers,” are now turning their laser-like forensic skills toward uncovering the truth about what happened last month on a street in Ferguson, Missouri.

At first, TCT contributor “sundance” studied enlarged photos taken at the scene of the shooting, and noticed what initially appeared to be a spent bullet shell casing laying on the pavement next to Wilson’s vehicle.

Upon closer analysis, it occurred to sundance that the bright, shiny, gold-colored item in the image was not a spent shell casing at all; that it was instead a bracelet which had been worn by Johnson just prior to the incident, as shown by the surveillance video from the convenience store Brown and Johnson had just robbed.

In the video, Johnson can be seen wearing something on his right wrist which, upon inspection, resembles the bright item laying on the pavement in the photo of the shooting scene, by Wilson’s vehicle.

In his first recorded video statement to media at the scene just after the shooting, Johnson can clearly be seen with no bracelet on his right wrist–only some sort of elastic-looking band on his left wrist.

One is compelled by all this to ask:  If Dorian Johnson was not involved in the physical confrontation between Brown and Wilson, then how did his bracelet wind up on the ground next to Wilson’s patrol vehicle?

The explosive report by sundance, replete with pictures, video, and analysis, can be digested here.

Further information posted by sundance about Dorian Johnson, including social media pictures clearly showing him wearing a bracelet resembling the item in question on the ground at the scene, can be assessed here.

Combine all of this with other excellent analysis by sundance and various commenters at TCT, such as the sudden appearance at the shooting scene of notorious black St. Louis race-agitator/anti-police provocateur Anthony Shahid (who went to work right away coaching certain key “eyewitnesses” to fabricate the catchy media meme “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative) and we have even more reason to see the entire controversy yet another colossal race-hoax railroading of an innocent man by the criminal black subculture and their deranged, politically-correct white cohorts.

The brilliantly detailed explanation of how Shahid suddenly appeared at the scene, and coached the “witnesses,” is provided here.

Hang on to your ticket stubs, folks, the grand jury is still going over the facts of the case regarding whether officer Wilson is to be charged with any crime.  If it turns out that Wilson does wind up charged, I sincerely hope and pray that his defense lawyers make use (free of charge) of the phenomenal, heroic work done by the cyber-sleuths at The Conservative Treehouse, as did George Zimmerman’s valiant defense team.

Incidentally, the nickname “Treepers” is affectionately adapted from, and in honor of, “Freepers,” the legendary folks at the conservative online forum Free Republic, whose postings and digital detective work during the 2004 presidential election campaign helped expertly and explosively debunk the left-wing forgery hoax promoted by CBS regarding George W. Bush’s national guard service, resulting in the firing of at least four CBS producers and staff, and leading to Dan Rather’s resignation in disgrace.

Thanks to the internet and the new media, the truth will that much more quickly out, in spite of the mainline political corruption of retail dinosaur journalism.

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Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.