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AMERICA AT RISK: Sick and Tired of Halfway Fixes

I’ll be turning 65 in a few days. I’m officially a short-tempered old white man. I’m not long for this world, but I still get pissed off about the society that my grandchildren will be inheriting. I’m afraid that they’ll be living in a world with no respect for life, liberty or property. They’ll live in a sex crazed society where anything goes. Their peers will be more interested in “fairness” and “equality” than truth or responsibility. Will their neighbors even believe in the existence of truth?

I saw the movie, The Giver this week. It’s a great movie and I recommend it. It portrays an attempt to escape from an “ordered,” but dead society. I think we’re headed there. The aged and unfit babies are “released to elsewhere” in this fictional society.

The seeds for my present rant were sown when I read Saturday’s Cedar Rapids Gazette. There was a story about a 17 year old boy who was convicted of sexually abusing a 5 year old child. That is sickening enough, but to add insult to injury, Sixth Judicial District Judge Mary Chicchelly decided to give the perp a second chance by deferring his sentence and placing him on probation! Does the five year old get a “second chance” at childhood?!

When abortion was legalized, old farts like me warned that we were headed down a slippery slope where life would be de-valued. The elites mocked. We’re reaping what we have sown with a callous disregard for life and a perverted sex education. Now, the weakest and most innocent are abused and the state doesn’t give a damn. It’s time for the Punisher.

A century ago, the people of the town would have tarred and feathered the judge and “released the perp to elsewhere”. But, we’re so much more sophisticated. We have a “kinder, gentler” society now. I’m sure the five year old believes that.

My stewing began to foment when I turned on Fox News Sunday and saw Mitt Romney. I thought I would puke. I know the GOP elites are going to push this loser RINO on us. Cruz, Perry and Paul will divide up the conservatives and the elite will get their man. The liberal elite will pick their new darling, Elizabeth Warren, who is adept at stirring up class warfare and demonizing the rich. So, just like last time, Romney is a perfect mark.

She will get the majority of women, blacks, unions, Hispanics, the welfare class, bureaucrats, liberal elite professors and teachers and the idiotic Millenials (oh, yeah, she might lose the American Indian vote). What’s to worry about? She will most likely be our first woman POTUS and the last POTUS. I think it ends with her.

So, then I logged on to Facebook and saw a posting from a popular Christian political blogger promoting a seminar where people can learn how to fight Common Core. I’m getting weary of Christians fighting Common Core. It’s a huge distraction. It’s sort of like “degrading ISIS” or fighting late term abortions. It is changing the bath water for Satan’s baby.

For those of you that don’t get the analogy, it’s a twist on the old adage about not throwing the baby out with the bath water. But in this case, the baby and the water both should go because the baby is the spawn of Satan. Christians have been sending their children to Caesar’s schools and wondering why they become Romans. Half of what is attributed to Common Core, such as the pornographic sex education, has been going on for decades. We’re throwing our kids into the fires of Molech and complaining because they’ve switched from wood to propane.

The anti-Common Core parents, many of them Christians, are welcoming support from predominantly liberal statist teachers. The teachers are primarily only interested in stopping the testing aspect of Common Core because they are judged on the test results as well as the students. Most of these teachers have no problem with the curriculum. They generally don’t protest the perverted, pornographic sex education, the anti-American revisionist history, the socialist indoctrination, the global warming hysteria or the race baiting. Once Common Core is re-branded and the tests are dropped, you won’t see the teachers working with parents to “reform” the curriculum.

The American church is on life support (young adults are deserting en masse) and as a result we are about to lose our republic. As an ex-military officer I know that you must identify the enemy to win (eg. Terror is only a tactic, not the enemy, which is why we’re losing the “war on terror”). Government education is the real enemy. I’m afraid one more generation of government educated idiots like the Millenials that elected Obama and we’re all cooked.

A friend of mine once shared a devotional about doing our best work for God. He entitled it “Almost.” When you think about it, “almost” is really an excuse for failure. “We almost won.” “They almost gave their life to Christ.” “His car almost missed the tree.” We almost nominated Rick Santorum. We almost elected Romney. We almost stopped Obama Care. We almost stopped Obama from spending. We almost held Holder and Obama accountable for Fast and Furious. We almost found out what happened in Benghazi. We almost held the IRS accountable for harassing Obama’s political opposition. We almost stopped the NSA from spying on us. We almost stopped the Bergdahl prisoner swap. We almost secured the border.

How soon before we hear “We almost stopped another 9/11?” Will we be saying, “We almost stopped that sex pervert from abusing another child?” Ten years from now will we be bragging about how we almost stopped the indoctrination of our youth in government schools? Will we say, “We almost saved the Republic?”


Rick David

Rick David retired from a career in business in 2011. His experience includes service in the USAF, in medical sales and in operations for an educational testing company. He has a passion for and has been actively engaged in conservative issue advocacy and campaigning for over 30 years. He currently resides in North Liberty, Iowa where he also served as a church pastor with his wife of 43 years and travels extensively volunteering in lay ministry.