BIG BOOTY RACISM: Vogue Is Labeled ‘Racist’ For Proclaiming The ‘Era Of The Big Booty’

Published on September 13, 2014

You can’t even celebrate diversity now without being labeled a racist. Check it out…

Vogue magazine has come under attack after publishing an article declaring ‘We’re Officially in the Era of the Big Booty’ with critics suggesting the publication is wildly out of touch with mainstream popular culture.

Writer Patricia Garcia suggests that the size of women’s backsides has only now become more accepted with the rising popularity of white celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez, who regularly flaunt their behinds.

The magazine has irritated readers and bloggers -many of whom are black – by publishing the article as Vogue does little to come across as a magazine that embraces diversity, they claim.

Vogue alleges a big butt is something women have been required to try to get rid of. ‘For years it was exactly the opposite,’ Garcia writes. ‘A large butt was not something one aspired to, rather something one tried to tame in countless exercise classes.’

Such comments single-handedly ignore the history of Black and Latino music and culture, women’s natural born figures, responses complain.

One commentator said the article  displays ‘intentional cluelessness and an utter disregard for diversity.’

A number of Twitter users have also commented how out of touch Vogue appears to be by suggesting that it took two non-black women to make big bottoms ‘hot’ and ‘trendy’.

Some have suggested that such cultural appropriation by Vogue is indicative that the publication is at least twenty years behind when it makes suggestions that trends are only acceptable once white demographic makes in popular.

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