BOOM: Rick Perry’s Account Tweets a PERFECT Slam Against the Democrat Attacking Him

Published on September 1, 2014

Even though Perry says this was an unauthorized tweet, it doesn’t make it any less funny or true. Check it out…

Conservative Tribune – Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted for abuse of power after using his veto power to defund the office of a disgraced and disgruntled Democrat DA, who had refused to resign after a DUI conviction.

But Perry isn’t letting the partisan attack slow him down, and is actually making the charges backfire on the Democrats.

Now Rick Perry is striking back at the Democrat that indicted him, sort of.  A tweet went out from the Governor’s official account featuring a picture that pokes fun at the disgraced and drunken DA. (H/T WZ)

The pic was quickly pulled down though, and followed up with something that wasn’t quite an apology, but more like plausible deniability and distancing.