CALL PETA: Mississippi Alligator Record Broken Twice in Four Days

Published on September 4, 2014

Good Lawd that’s a big gator. The first one caught was 756 pounds, and the next one a whopping 792 pounds! Check it out…

Outdoor Hub – Mississippi’s brief public alligator season has only just begun, and hunters have already broken the state record twice in four days. On August 30, one day after the hunt opened, Robert Mahaffey of Brandon and two friends caught a massive 756-pound, 13-foot and 1.75-inch gator in the Mississippi River. Officials from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (DWFP) confirmed it as a new state record, but it did not last long at the top. On September 2, three friends from Starkville harvested a 792-pound reptile that was 13 feet and 5 inches long. The new record goes to permit holder Brian Montgomery and his two companions, Scott Berry and Jesse Phillips. Berry, a veteran alligator hunter who has pursued alligators in Mississippi for years, was present at both record harvests.

Despite breaking the state record twice, Berry said he was searching for an even larger animal.


Pictured above is the 792 pound gator.

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