CAN OF WHUP ASS: TED CRUZ, ‘The Russian bear is encountering the Obama kitty cat’

Published on September 2, 2014

Ted Cruz slams Obama at a conference by comparing the United States to a Kitty cat in the face of a ‘Russian bear’. Check it out…

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz unloaded on President Barack Obama at a conservative conference on Saturday afternoon over the U.S. leader’s refusal to directly confront Russia over it’s invasion of Ukraine last week.

After claiming that ‘all across this world America has receded from leadership’ Cruz told attendees of Americans for Prosperity’s annual Defending the American Dream Summit, held this year in the Texas lawmaker’s home state, Cruz zeroed in on Obama’s handling of the situation in Ukraine.

‘Look at Russia right now,’ Cruz said, according to Business Insider. ‘Sadly, the state of the world is the Russian bear is encountering the Obama kitty cat.’

‘You know what?’ Cruz said, moments later. ‘The United States of America has never been a kitty cat.

‘The reason Putin feels no fear to march into his neighbors, the reason why our allies up and down Europe are terrified of what’s next is because this president, as he puts it, is leading from behind.’

Obama referred to the deployment of nearly 1,000 Russian troops into Ukraine late last week as an ‘incursion,’ but the president and his administration have avoided acknowledging the military build up as an invasion.

‘I consider the actions that we’ve seen in the last week a continuation of what’s been taking place for months now,’ Obama said in remarks last Thursday.

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