CIRCLE OF LIFE: Whale Watchers Get Tough Lesson As Whale Tries to Drown Calf

Written by Gayne C. Young on September 15, 2014

Although PETA and other anti-hunting groups would like you to believe that nature’s one sing-song sugar coated Bambi cartoon, the fact is that nature’s far from it.

Nature is a violent melee of death and cruelty.

Such was the case this past weekend when whale watchers off Australia’s Gold Coast were privy to a male whale trying to drown a young calf in an attempt to get to its mother in order to mate. The bull body slammed the calf repeatedly by breeching and coming down to land on it then driving it into the ocean and covering its blowhole.

Photographer and tour boat commentator Emmy-Rose Curtis said the event made for a difficult day for some passengers. “For the commentator at the time it was quite a horrible thing for her to have to talk about with a boat full of happy passengers, but it’s mother nature and there isn’t much you can do about it,” Curtis told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

That’s right folks, there isn’t much you can do about nature so the sooner you accept what it is and quit trying to change it – or paint it in a different light – the better.