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You might recall the election of 2010 when Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives with the aid of Tea Party groups. Unless you’re from California, you’re less likely to remember Proposition 8 that passed a state constitutional amendment which would have prohibited same sex marriage. The measure passed, with overwhelming support from black voters, while President Obama (he claimed to be opposed to same sex marriage back then) carried the state. As we should have expected, the judicial oligarchy over-ruled the people.

Same sex marriage proponents and liberals were not to be out done by these two elections. The federal bureaucracies are over populated with liberals. They don’t need marching orders from the White House. They knew what needed to be done.

The liberals in the IRS, the most dreaded enforcers in America, went to work to stop the Tea Party. By now we all know how the IRS harassed and prevented conservative advocacy groups from obtaining non-profit status before the 2012 election. One IRS official (the IRS knows his identity but refuses to reveal it) delivered the donor list of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to a same sex marriage advocate. That is how it became public knowledge that Mitt Romney had donated to NOM to support Prop 8.

It is illegal for the IRS to divulge this private information. I was a donor to NOM. The leader of NOM has charged that its donors have been harassed with physical attacks, boycotts and vandalism by same sex marriage groups. This past June the IRS finally admitted to revealing the donor list and paid NOM a $50,000 settlement.

It’s time to abolish the IRS. The history of abuses by the IRS would fill an encyclopedia. A politicized agency with this sort of power is dangerous to a free society. The actions of powerful officials like Lois Lerner prove that it is a corrupt organization.

There is a documentary movie being released in select theatres on October 14 which will detail the abuse of this agency. The name of the film is Unfair. I want to encourage all of my readers to see this documentary. You will become a believer that the IRS needs to go. The movie promises not to be boring, but well researched and thorough. It also offers an alternative: the Fair Tax.

The Fair Tax “abolishes all federal personal and corporate income taxes, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, and self-employment taxes and replaces them with one simple, visible, federal retail sales tax.” This tax would be collected through existing state agencies.

The current tax system is not only corrupt, but it punishes productivity both for the individual and corporations. Presently, the U.S. has the highest corporate income tax rate in the industrialized world. We are literally driving investment and jobs from our shores. This consumption tax would truly be “fair” since the tax burden would be borne by those most able to afford it. It incorporates a “prebate” to ensure that no one would pay taxes on spending for essential goods and services up to the poverty level.

The liberals are always clamoring for higher taxes on the “rich.” Here is their dream come true. No longer would Warren Buffet pay less income tax than his secretary unless he chose a standard of living below hers. He would pay a proposed 23% tax on those boats, vacation homes and airplanes. There would be no more loop holes for the rich.



Rick David

Rick David retired from a career in business in 2011. His experience includes service in the USAF, in medical sales and in operations for an educational testing company. He has a passion for and has been actively engaged in conservative issue advocacy and campaigning for over 30 years. He currently resides in North Liberty, Iowa where he also served as a church pastor with his wife of 43 years and travels extensively volunteering in lay ministry.