NO FEAR: Iraqi Christians Worship 50Miles From Front Line Against ISIS Murderous Thugs

Published on September 15, 2014

Wow. What an awesome testimony of resolve in the face of peril. Compare these Iraqi Christians to squishy/whiny American believers. I’d love to listen and learn from one of these Christians versus the bubble-gum US bred prosperity loons.

These striking pictures show Iraqi Christians praying for their lives and livelihoods – as just a few miles away, Islamic State militants fight to take both away from them.

The men and women who went to Sunday Mass yesterday at St Joseph Church in Irbil, northern Iraq, form part of a fast-dwindling minority as extremists sweep through their nation enforcing a violent interpretation of Sunni Islam.

Only a thin line of Kurdish fighters, supported by a few hundred U.S. troops, separate them from the violence which has engulfed wide stretches of Iraq, including the city of Mosul 50 miles away.

Militants have threatened those who do not follow their interpretation of Islam with death.

Christians, because of their association with the West, are among the most hated by the Islamists.

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