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GENIUS! Texas School District Arms Itself To Protect Students

It is no secret that, in general, I am not a fan of our public school system; but I have to give this Texas school district my thumbs up for getting smart and doing the right thing. While most schools are stomping all over the civil rights of our children (and teachers) as with the teen who said, “Bless You” a couple of weeks ago, this school district has voted to allow teachers and administrators to arm themselves.

“[T]hose who wish to carry are required to hold a handgun license and undergo a psychological evaluation and firearms/emergency response training.”(

The great thing about this is that parents seem to be on board. If my children were in public school, I would whole-heartedly support this kind of policy in my school district.

Furthermore, had I become a teacher as I originally planned, I would want the right to protect both myself and my students in the event someone started firing in my classroom.

I’ll take this a step further to say that I believe our college campuses would be safer if students, professors, and campus staff could be armed–assuming they have the proper license as required by the given state. Law abiding citizens should be equipped to protect themselves anytime, anywhere, plain and simple. Limiting our 2nd Amendment Rights hinders us from doing this.

My hope is that other schools will take notice of what Argyle Independent School District has done and follow suit. Perhaps the heartbreaking deaths we see on the rise in our schools would decrease dramatically.

Image: Screen Grab KDAF-TV


Karen Serna

Karen Serna is a wife and homeschooling mom with two children. She holds a degree in Chemistry with a minor in Math from Angelo State University. In addition, she is a certified secondary educator. Prior to having children, Karen worked for Texas State University-San Marcos as an analytical chemist and industrial hygienist for over twelve years. Her passion lies in seeing a generation of Americans once again embrace true freedom.

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