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AT HOME AND ABROAD: Battling Demonic Hordes

This has been a week of stark manifestations of demonic activity around the world and here at home. We witnessed the speech of our demonically controlled President at the U.N., which is a demonically controlled organization. It seems that Obama cannot open his mouth without lying and he lived up to that assessment again as he lied about “climate change” in his speech.

This followed his lies from the previous week about his policy to defeat ISIS. The truth is that Obama is one of these jihadists and that he and his Muslim Brotherhood friends are responsible for the most dangerous expansion of radical Islamic terrorism that the world has ever known. Christians in Iraq are being slaughtered by the thousands. Obama is responsible for it. And now, the terror is coming home to our shores here in America.

This week, an Islamic terrorist beheaded a co-worker in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma! Obama told us that Al Qaeda was “on the run.” Right. They’re running onto our soil. We’re constantly being told by this lying leader of ours that these terrorists are not Muslims and that Islam is a “religion of peace”. So, what were the “moderate” Muslims doing after the beheading in Oklahoma? They were praying during the news conference and praising Allah! Praising Allah that one of their own successfully beheaded an innocent woman! Demonic I tell you.

Enough about Obama; he makes me sick. Anyone that’s followed me here knows that my passion lies in the area of government controlled education. I constantly warn that another generation of indoctrinated children will mean the death of our republic. This week saw some discouraging activity on that front as the demonically controlled teacher unions raised havoc on several fronts. The pro-communist unions were involved in recruiting mind-numbed children to support their protests in New York as well as Denver. In New York the issue d’jour was “climate change“. The kids were openly advocating communism. Where do you suppose they learn this stuff? Not from mommy and daddy I would think.

In Denver, the issue was the AP U.S. History (APUSH) curriculum. Since when have high school kids given a thought to the curriculum? No, the kids were recruited by their teachers at the direction of Satan’s union. The demonic liberal media did their best to hijack the story by twisting the facts, implying that students and teachers were protesting a new “right wing” mandated curriculum.

Thanks to the fine journalistic work of Michelle Malkin for getting to the facts. What the teachers were protesting was a new performance based compensation plan. Horrors! They attempted to focus attention on a new curriculum review board that the Jefferson County (Denver) school board has proposed. Teachers won’t stand for the school board reviewing the curriculum!

The proposal of the majority conservatives on the board is in response to the new APUSH curriculum being imposed on schools as part of Common Core and developed by College Board (reputed designers of CC; it’s all very secret). The new APUSH curriculum has been criticized by noted historians and educators as presenting a “negative view of American history that highlights oppressors and exploiters.” The proposal of the school board would require that traditionally positive aspects of American history are not ignored. But, the teachers and their union can’t have that.

So, I went to Facebook and posted links to a number of these news stories on a few different groups that I visit as well as the one I administer, Brick in the Wall (I love PF). One group that I frequently post on is called Parents and Teachers Against the Common Core. I like to visit this group to get feedback from teachers. I often comment that, “Public education is run by a criminal cabal of big government, big labor and big business. They want to manipulate you and your children for power and money. They don’t care about children or teachers. Indoctrination of children into socialist ideas and immorality is a strategy for maintaining a permanent liberal majority of dependent slaves and low information voters.” I then link back to Brick in the Wall advocating privatization of education. At this point, some teachers always manifest. It’s as if I spoke the name “Jesus” to a demon.

I question if much of the Common Core opposition from teachers is merely an effort to avoid accountability for their performance. I encounter teachers who are vehemently pro union and supportive of the top down government control of education. Most fail to realize that their unions are little more than fund raising organizations for the liberal politicians and business people that brought us Common Core. Teachers complain that the big corporations (Pearson, Gates Foundation, College Board) that brought us CC want to privatize education. Nothing could be further from the truth. These crony capitalists have no interest in a private competitive environment. They have the system they want and they support Obama’s government control agenda.

The comments of the teachers on these groups are instructive. Some of them actually believe the Marxist tripe that they’re teaching the students. In supporting their union, some actually see themselves as part of the collective and they support it even when they acknowledge that it is corrupt. It’s like liberals who don’t care that Obama lies. Here are some of their comments:
“When people attack/vilify the unions, they are attacking/vilifying the teachers. Those of us that care about not just our own jobs but the profession in general take all-encompassing union attacks as personal attacks.”
“We are trying to take back our unions, Rick. Remember the union IS the teachers. The leadership at the national and SOME state levels are corporate lapdogs. No question. But real union members are fighting and very vocal.”
“Do people not realize that many of us have become outspoken against the stance taken by our parent unions? That being said- we ARE proud union members and work hard for our local unions.”

Like typical union thugs they are demonically inspired to use intimidation, threats and name calling against their opponents:
“Don’t let this idiot impact you…”
“Could a post be any more idiotic.”
“Will someone please get the net?”
”Where did the parents on this page come from? Under a rock somewhere? Their poor unfortunate offspring must deal with this daily?”
”I’m not one for name calling, but you are a moron.”
“These stupid parents will believe anything.”

Like demonically inspired people, they are delusional:
“Public education is NOT failing. Big $$$ interests want you to believe that while they deplete all the resources public schools need to be successful.” [The schools are succeeding and public schools aren’t getting enough money?] — “Get out of the way, you fool – We are trying to end the corporate takeover of education.” [Corporations do not control education; it is entirely controlled by the government; federal control is increasing; Obama isn’t going to turn it over to some corp.] — “As for the union issue – teachers are the first to say the national and NYS leadership has sold US out. WE are the ones impacted by this and speaking out in an attempt to take our unions back . But that doesn’t make unions the problem.”

They are admittedly sympathetic to communist propaganda:
“Zinn’s stuff should be represented. He was a great American scholar.”
“Yeah, Zinn may very well have been ‘something of a Marxist’. So what? That makes him a children’s story boogie man? He was a great man and a great scholar. His work deserves representation.”

Get behind me, Satan.



Rick David

Rick David retired from a career in business in 2011. His experience includes service in the USAF, in medical sales and in operations for an educational testing company. He has a passion for and has been actively engaged in conservative issue advocacy and campaigning for over 30 years. He currently resides in North Liberty, Iowa where he also served as a church pastor with his wife of 43 years and travels extensively volunteering in lay ministry.