IMMIGRATION AGENDA: Obama Promises Immigration Edict After November Elections

Published on September 6, 2014

Even though Obama has promised to change immigration rules by the end of summer, the White House is hinting that it will come after the elections in November. Hmm, this doesn’t seem political at all. Check it out…

The Daily Caller – President Barack Obama will unilaterally change immigration rules — and perhaps grant work-permits to millions of illegals — once Americans have voted in the November election, White House officials told reporters Sept. 6.

“Obama had no specific timeline to act, but that he still would take his executive steps before the end of the year,” the officials said.

Earlier, Obama said he would act by “the end of summer” to change immigration rules. That was widely interpreted as a promise to provide work-permits to millions of illegal immigrants, which was a high-risk move just before the midterm election.

A Sept. 6 email sent to favored media outlets, however, hinted the post-election presidential action may fall far short of amnesty, and might only consist of sending more resources to manage the inflow of Central American migrants across the Texas border.

“Because he wants to do this in a way that’s sustainable, the President will take action on immigration before the end of the year. For example, we have seen how Republicans have fought hard to exploit the humanitarian situation at the Rio Grande Valley,” said the email.

If there’s no unilateral amnesty by the end of the year, then voters and a few populist groups — aided by new media outlets, such as Drudge — will have entirely defeated the almost $2 billion push for an amnesty by progressives, the Chamber of Commerce, Silicon valley, the established media, the Democratic Party and the GOP establishment.

It will also mark the failure of Obama to achieve his top second-term priority.

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