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ISIS ATROCITIES: Courtesy of American Weapons

Do you remember the movie, Navy Seals from the era before we knew much about the Seals? It featured Charlie Sheen before we knew much about him, either. In the early part of the movie Charlie and his pals discover a room full of Stinger (made in America) missiles. Remember the stinger? It was instrumental in ending the Soviet’s reign of terror against the Afghan people. It took out those Russian Super Choppers as easily as if Rambo was personally pulling the trigger. When one of those $1500 heat-seekers launched…you could take it to the bank. One dead $40,000,000 Ruskie Super Chopper. (I don’t remember the exact Ruskie Super Chopper cost, but I’m close…so don’t you self-appointed “fact checkers” who are kind enough to read my stuff, but with nothing but time on your hands…do comments about how they actually cost $39,000,000 and they were actually paid for with inflated rubles.) Now that was good economics. Literally…lots of bang for our Defense Department bucks.

The Stingers found by Charlie and the other actor Seals were lost from the stores we sent to the Afghan fighters who were resisting the Russian invaders. Back then…I guess…our leaders just didn’t realize how crazy the people we were supporting could be. It even took President Reagan (doesn’t the mere sound of his name make you misty now …during this six year long era of feckless, limp-wristed and dull-witted leadership?) a little time to understand we had a completely new type of enemy. But he was much smarter than today’s dorks who after six long, painful years still can’t understand the obvious. Starting with the Marine barracks in Beirut, 9/11 and ISIS today…these dullards still don’t understand.

Anyway…those Stingers had gotten lost from some one’s inventory, so Charlie blew them up. But today there are many more weapons gone missing from America’s inventory and presumably in the hands of ISIS…or worse (can there be such?).

Remember back when the word “terrorist” conjured up visions of the Irish Republican Army whose main goal seemed no more dangerous than on occasion blowing up a butcher shop in Ulster, killing the proprietor and a couple little old ladies shopping for corned beef. Seems incredibly tame today. Almost nostalgic. The only person doing any beheading back then was the butcher.

Today ISIS has OUR Abrams tanks (another $40,000,000 implement of war. Lots of them. Our rifles. OUR heat-seeking shoulder fired meesiles (who knows how many?) and myriad other stuff… courtesy of American taxpayers and our President. They probably use their own rusty dull pocket knives in the beheadings of American journalists, so Obama need not send them any more pocket knives.

Now that Obama is going to “degrade and … ultimately…” Nuts! I forget the rest of Obama’s “threat” against ISIS. But it hardly matters, does it, except to you overzealous spell/fact checkers out there? If it comes out of Obama’s mouth it is only “sound and [maybe] fury…signifying [absolutely] nothing.” And as a result of yet more half-measures and inept tactics, American pilots may soon be “raining from the sky” over Iraq, without any hope of rescue or termination of what will be certain torture, aside from the deliverance afforded by a rusty dull pocketknife.

If you voted for the unvetted Obama, with his sealed grades and ignorance…who said in one of his ridiculous “memoirs” that if “[things go south]…I will stand with the Muslims.” Surely, when he foolishly committed this vacuous and treasonous statement to paper…he had some knowledge of the fact that there are lots of different types of bad Muslims. Or was he as clueless and ignorant then as he is now?

PS: The word “meesiles” is a corruption of the word “missiles.” Hopefully, even the arm chair fact checkers got that one. It harks back to one of the first fighter pilots shot down in Desert Storm (Geo. HW Bush). He was being interrogated by his captors in Kuwait. This was before Youtube, so some western journalists were doubtless present during the “interview.” He was wearing lots of face bruises, which were probably not the result of his ejection. (A friend was a Marine fighter pilot who flew Phantoms. He had had to eject twice and never suffered anything in the way of facial contusions. Of course, he may have suffered more than he told…he was a Marine, after all.) The “interviewing” pilot was English and when asked if he had been shot down by a surface to air missile his interlocutor pronounced the word as “meeeeesile.” The interview was conducted in crude English because of its intended use on Americans. I remember laughing myself silly when the Brit replied by parroting back the flawed pronunciation. “Meeeesiles.” I cracked up. In the face of probable torture and death this guy was poking fun at his captors. He was probably a Royal Marine. Knowing you are dealing with a Marine usually explains a lot.

Steve Bowers

Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.