Written by Audrey Russo on September 21, 2014

We in the West have been lied to. Our leaders, out of either political expediency or cowardice…have sold us a bill of goods. We have heard…and continue to hear ad nauseam, that the savage beheadings and underage rapes committed by devout Mohammedans have NOTHING to do with Islam.

But the funny thing is…according to the experts, in antithesis to the current rhetoric: Sex slaves & beheadings are INDEED Islamic, and it would thrill Muhammed that his followers continue his paradigm.

The first words that emanate from the lips of Western leaders following a savage beheading or the “discovery” that more young girls have been kidnapped/sexually abused by Muslims, is: These actions have nothing to do with Islam.

Au contraire

According to author/scholar Raymond Ibrahim, Western leaders have it wrong. Here’s some of what his meticulous research has revealed:

** Begin with the command from the Koran, “Fight them [those who oppose Islam], Allah will torment them with your hands, humiliate them, empower you over them, and heal the hearts of the believers, removing the rage from their hearts” (Koran 9:14-15).
**Now, in order to comprehend the context, one must look to the Sira and Hadith…the biography and anecdotes of Muhammad, correspondingly.

Amr bin Hisham was a pagan Arab chieftain (infidel)…who had fierce opposition to Islam. A close companion to Muhammad and a new convert, mortally wounded Amr during the Battle of Badr…then started abusing him. 

“According to Al-Bidaya wa Al-Nihaya (“The Beginning and the End”), Ibn Kathir’s authoritative history of Islam, ‘After that, he [Abdullah] slit his [‘Amr’s] head off and bore it till he placed it between the hands of the Prophet. Thus did Allah heal the hearts of the believers with it.’

“This, then, is the true significance of Koran 9:14-15: ‘Fight them, Allah will torment them with your hands [mortally wounding and eventually decapitating ‘Amr], humiliate them [pulling his beard], empower you over them [standing atop him], and heal the hearts of the believers, removing the rage from their hearts [at the sight of his decapitated head].'”

Sex Slaves/Rape (Grooming) Gangs (includes info from The Religion of Peace):
** Since Dar al-Islam (House of Islam) considers itself in a perpetual war with Dar al-Harb (House of War), which includes all infidels…Muslims believe that the booty of war includes human chattel (women & children). This is according to the Koran 33:50; 23:5-6; 70:29-30, to name a few verses.
** The Islamic booty or “Spoils of War” are confirmed by Raymond Ibrahim. This includes captive infidel women (which we are seeing currently in Iraq, Syria & Nigeria).
** Muslim men are taught that infidel women are unclean whores, so raping them is permissible.

The problem with the Western parrots, who repeat the paltering poop about these savage acts (and the ideology behind them) is…out of a desire to satisfy Political Correctness/Cultural Marxism (and for a time, they are protected from the fruit of their lies)…they are happy to throw the rest of the West to Muhammed’s mutts.

Their self-serving myopia prevents them from seeing the truth: That those savage beasts will eventually eviscerate them, as well.

Shalom through strength…



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