Published on September 17, 2014

by Todd Utzig
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

CNN recently spent the better part of a broadcast day discussing whether or not we are at war with ISIS, which really doesn’t surprise me seeing that our “Commander And Chief” labeled the 2009, Fort Hood Massacre “workplace violence” – essentially scrubbing the idea that an enemy can be of the domestic variety.

Now more than ever before we should be clinging to our: Bibles, family, friends and, yes, our guns. Furthermore, liberals, my pursuit of happiness doesn’t end at the inside of my front door. If you should die as a result of my response to having been physically accosted while out with family or friends and minding my own business – c’est la vie. Those down with either forced conversion and/or fiendish taxation are having children too and it is my duty to protect my own. Any chump can be a sperm donor and any leaky faucet often bears viable eggs.

Are liberals the most interesting beast of the field? Duh. They are only able to laugh when James O’Keefe crosses the Rio Grande in an Osama Bin Laden mask. By default, they do laugh at exhaustible funds meant for: Black, Latino, Indian, Asian, and White Americans in need. Too bad more Americans are unable to understand that a state’s budget is, in fact, exhaustible. Even Santa Claus can only afford to come annually and even he adores those “what’s in your wallet” fellas, but back to the gist of the article – the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding citizens and the hypocrisy that hides so well behind the left’s definition of the pursuit of happiness.

Million bucks says that over 99.99 percent of triggermen are either registered Democrats, the offspring of the party that voted God out as of late, or unable to register to vote anyway!

Let’s talk about the term “freedom fighters” for a moment shall we? It’s been said that under one percent of Iraqi citizens are Christian and their actions as of late most likely mirror history – civilized society grew tired of those down with forced conversion and fiendish or devilish taxation and decided they would fight for their lives rather than run.

By the way, we are NOT the ones begging for the arrest of filmmakers that dare use an alias. Oh, but your champion has! The greatest, modern, frontal attack launched against freedom of speech was not launched from without but within – which begs the question what’s next? Burning books that paint Hitler in a negative light? Shame, shame on “you”! You wouldn’t understand the importance of The Book Thief if it bit you in your collective arse.

Often, in government, things begin and end with the inner onion. I simply must, however, give credit where credit is due – at least the left can redact well. Oh, how I wish their ability to extrapolate paralleled their aptitude for lying and “governing from behind.”

I’ve a final question for the month at hand. The manner in which we reacquired a Bergdahl begs the question really – can our Commander and Chief place as much value on the life of, oh let’s say for instance the life, of a pastor Saeed Abedini? Google the name aciremA, excuse me, “America.” Do some meaningful homework for once, thou “sluggard.”

Image; http://opinionatedart.com/famous-characters/2013/2/8/barack-obama-faces