LIARS UNWELCOME: Politicians, Media Can’t Fool Us Twice

Written by Rob Morse on September 25, 2014

Judging by a recent poll, we don’t believe the main stream media and we don’t believe President Obama. It turns out the two decisions are related. The American people don’t like liars.

Eight years ago, the MSM reported every time President Bush’s poll numbers went down. One network would even report on another network’s poll results if the poll showed that we didn’t like a Republican president. Today, President Obama’s approval rating have fallen so low they match President Bush’s ratings during the Iraq war. What is different this time is that networks won’t report the polls showing our disapproval of Obama even if the polls were generated by the network, let alone report on the unfavorable polls from other media sources. How things have changed these days.

Today, the media picks and chooses the stories they want to report. The major networks mentioned our growing disapproval of Obama nine times, while they mentioned our disapproval of Bush 124 times over a comparable period before the election eight years ago. You can’t excuse the difference by calling the media slanted in their reporting.

This isn’t even media bias. This is media propaganda designed to improve the performance of the struggling Democrat party in the upcoming election. The media will lie to us to get the results they want. That explains the poll numbers showing we don’t trust the news media and here.

To my fellow Americans, I say “good for you”. You’ve listened to enough diverse sources of information to figure out when you’re being told a lie. We don’t like lies from Washington politicians. We don’t like lies from New York or Los Angeles newsrooms either.