MICHAEL MOORE SLAMS OBAMA: ‘He was the 1st black that got elected president and that’s it’


Wow. Even Michael Moore is recognizing Obama as a complacent and do-nothing President. Check it out…

A frustrated Michael Moore, the liberal filmmaker who led cheers for Barack Obama before he ascended to the White House, said Tuesday that he would only be remembered as America’s first black president – ‘and that’s it.’

Obama, he said during an interview at the Toronto Film Festival, has become a ‘huge disappointment’ by failing to bail out ailing cities like his hometown of Detroit. Michigan.

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“When you start turning the water off in 150,000 homes because they haven’t paid the water bill?’ he asked. ‘You have that many people without water? You start turning the streetlights off so the city is dark at night? A large American city in pitch blackness?’

‘Is this some sort of social experiment? – they’re trying to see, “How far you can push the poor?”‘

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