I MISS AMERICA … for Many Reasons …

Published on September 13, 2014

by Todd Utzig
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

I miss America – when differentiating between a benign, meaningful invite and a malignant mandate wasn’t rocket science.

I miss those days when the pursuit of happiness didn’t end from the inside of your front door, but we weren’t out looking for a fight either.

I miss a time when a filmmaker could create his or her work without having employed the use of an alias. What’s next? Burning books that paint Hitler in a negative light? To understand the significance behind The Book Thief would do a collective body well.

I miss those days when an adult was sane enough and loved him/herself enough to not enter a vehicle driven by someone that was clearly inebriated.

I long for a day when individual Governors are no longer demonized for having the best interest* of their inhabitants at heart: Black, White, Asian American, American Indian, or otherwise.

*Generally speaking, funds are exhaustible with or without proper oversight – rocket science not required. I’ve said it before and I will say it again – those down with forced conversion and/or fiendish taxation are on a subhuman train – one they can exit at any time – if only they realize they should.

Image: http://core-2-assessment.wikispaces.com/The+Five+American+Ideals