N-WORD: Source, ‘Refs Say Colin Kaepernick Used Racial Slur’

Published on September 22, 2014

I’m not a lip reader but I saw many slurs being bantered about during yesterday’s games. I wonder if they’ll be fined as well? Time for Colin to be ‘re-educated.’ Also, I guess nowadays someone can say you said something, without proof, and you get a massive fine, get your name smeared and possibly death threats. How quaint. Give me Deadwood v. this PC hell-hole.

Needless to say, Colin Kaepernick had a game he’d like to forget after last week’s 28-20 loss to the Bears.

The 49ers quarterback was responsible for four turnovers in the team’s loss, but it was a curious flag that has also drawn attention.

After throwing an interception that set up a Bears touchdown, Kaepernick allegedly used a racial slur, according to the refs.

Kaepernick was fined more than $11k for the alleged slur, but denied saying anything.

Kaepernick reiterated that he did nothing wrong when he and Chicago defensive end Lamarr Houston went at it — and Kaepernick points to Houston’s comments that the quarterback didn’t say anything offensive or out of line. Kaepernick shoved Houston after the play.

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