NJ CASE REMINDS US: Many Unfit for Public Service

Published on September 4, 2014

by Todd Utzig
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

What do Herb Strentz, Eugene Robinson, and Leonard Pitts have in common? All of them appear to have graduated from the Barack Obama institute of higher learning with a master’s in common core – apologetics Obama-style. All kidding aside, they each assert that since most of us haven’t a degree in modern theology, pardon me modern journalism, we are all inferior, sexist, bigoted, Islamophobes.

Truth be told, I’ve been known to be a little harsh with first and second time voters – that eclectic group of twenty-somethings which do believe that Islamic Jihadism would simply feign away should we all just really, really try to get along.  I know it’s difficult for a first or even second time voter to admit he or she could have made a mistake upon having made history, but those that put the man in office have certainly “made history.” Unfortunately, even wedding vows today quickly take a back seat to having elected and protecting “the modern bridegroom” /all-too-popular modern narrative – even though Alan Keyes was on the presidential ballot twice prior. It doth appear we’ve two strikes against us – educated second and third generation zombies and, well, zombie fanatics – a story for another time.

I hear you shouting, what is behind a set of initials. What’s behind one person, or a single story? I, as the author of this article, must call upon the Left to arm themselves with an electronic device in search of meaningful truisms. Google search SD vs MJR .
On March 24th, 2010, the Superior Court Of New Jersey’s Appellate Division was forced to examine a case involving a married Muslim couple and alleged spousal abuse and rape that had been initially considered fifteen months earlier. Although S.D. and M.J.R., both Morrocan nationals, were raised under Sharia law, S.D. was seeking American style justice while residing in New Jersey. Even though we’ve the best judicial system the world over, even the Superior Court didn’t rule until four months from the time they heard arguments on March 24th, 2010 – which was eleven months after an atrocious, circus clown decided that a restraining order wasn’t necessary because the defendant’s visa was too expire in less than a month’s time of hearing original arguments.

Perhaps there was a reason for Jesus’ initial disciples to have called upon the body to see that Spirit-filled individuals oversee the affairs of man – rather than placing bumbling, idiots in charge – those that which shouldn’t be allowed to have children let alone vote. (See Acts 6:1-6)

Silly rabbits, it really, for U S, was not as much about Sharia Law as it was about a woman’s overall well- being and truly restful, sleep from “the get-go” – a key ingredient in the true pursuit of happiness. So go ahead, by all means, sport your latest N.O.W. apparel and pretend that being an Obama girl could be a better choice – we’ve a word for that – “delusional.” You truly are no better than greyhounds chasing the same rabbit – night in and night out. And, as far as liberal men go – you are that “rabbit.”

Bottom line, we, “right wing extremists,” are so dangerously bad for meaningful society, gasp, that we still hope that S.D. didn’t lose a single wink of sleep during her fifteen month court monitored fiasco. Had the first judge erred on the side of the lady in said case and set forth a restraining order would he have not done better? Got extrapolation? Dems don’t. LOL. Actually, extrapolation really isn’t the end all when it comes to the Constitution anyway. Individual pursuit of happiness – yes, even outside of the confines of his or her dwelling place – is of notable importance.

If my belief that the first judge to rule in New Jersey’s S.D. vs M.J.R. should have been disbarred for life makes me a sexist, Islamophobe then I’m proud to be your guy.

BTW, Newt was right! To have honored 09/11’s fallen with a Ground Zero Mosque would have been wrong on one level. Can the hatred it takes to fly a civilian plane into a center for commerce be equated with Hitler’s hatred for Jews? YesItCan! (Oh my, a meaningful run-on sentence).

The real bottom line – anyone down with forced conversion and/or fiendish taxation is subhuman. God forbid I believe the true bridegroom wishes that none might perish but he also isn’t holding his breath. How does the old saying go again? When Spring comes in like a Lamb it goes out like a…

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