WHERE O WHERE…? Separation of Church and State

Published on September 23, 2014

by Todd Utzig
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

The first part of this piece is intended to be kind of a sing songy, thing-a-ma-jig – so please, by all means, feel free to sing along. Humor me – if at least for a moment. Where, oh where have the Separation Of Church And Staties Got Gone to? LOL. Where, oh where could they be? LOL – not really.

Since “history” was made late in 2008, have they once spent one iota of energy petitioning government in an effort to force Obama to stop pimping out the word of God on a very national basis – on national television, and generally on a quarterly basis? Even once? There could only be one reason, and one reason alone for their apparent schizophrenia.

After the 2008 “Call To Renewal” Conference when Barack Hussein Obama bashed both the Old and New Testament, and by default, not just Christianity but also Judaism, BO has used Biblical references as if they were his Hardy Boy, “boyhood friend” – an arsenal worthy of much more respect and yet often invoked more by this particular administration than the altogether annoying voice of Sofia Varga, or the Jesus of the Left. Those even somewhat familiar with the Bible know what the Good Book has to say about “familiar spirits.”

Believe me, BO is no Boy Scout when it comes to how he has treated Christians. In essence, what this administration has by default, in fact, shouted, is that the life of Pastor Saeed isn’t worth as much as, let’s say, a Bergdahl – not in this modern, “brave,” new world at least.

Have I said that politicians haven’t a right to invoke either God or his word? Nope. Have I said that I think politicians should check their faith at the modern day, often-not-so-industrious halls of a truer red, white and blue? If you said “Yes”, you would be wrong again. Whatever one’s religious ideology, with the exception of Sharia Law, even elected officials should be allowed to wear their individual faith like a badge of honor, and, at the same time, expect healthy scrutiny. Without a doubt, Trey Gowdy is a fine example of a true Boy Scout. Scrutiny, by the way, is that thing that knowledgeable Bible scholars actually welcome.

On a side, yet related, note, Mr. Romney never once mentioned a verse from the Bible. One must ask him/herself, today, if a White, Protestant, uber-emotional, liturgically incorrect, biblical narrative were parading around, or pimping out Holy Writ, how far would it take him or her? Would it get them crucified?

Isis has nothing on the American Council Of Separation Of Church And Staties, or ACSCS – except where America’s first “black” president is concerned. And why have they yet to offer up a pristinely prepped, Native American? Something that I would be unopposed to – oh my, I was ‘bout to end a thought with a preposition. Tisk, tisk, tisk – shame on me — Why? Because even young whitey, in many cases today, is full of bull caca – better known as bull Schmidt.

“Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:” (Proverbs 6:6) Just had to throw that in as a sweetener – just in case you hadn’t read how the Bible commands that we have nothing to do with those which are slothful – that they might feel ashamed. Good day.

Image: http://theworstnamesinnews.blogspot.com/2012_02_01_archive.html