IT’S NOT OVER: Police Officer In Ferguson Shot

Published on September 28, 2014

The unrest in Ferguson isn’t over quite yet. Check it out…

Update as of 05.54 a.m. EDT: There was a second shooting incident near Ferguson overnight, as an off-duty officer’s car was shot at, injuring him with flying glass. Three suspects reportedly fired into the officer’s car. He was not struck by bullets, and is being treated for light injuries from glass at a local hospital.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles times reports on the circumstances in which the officer who was shot earlier in Ferguson sustained his wound. St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar told the paper that the officer confronted two males leaving the Ferguson Community Center about 9 p.m. The officer chased the men and as he approached them, shots were fired at the officer, who raised his arm and was hit in the left arm, Belmar said.

Original story below:

A police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, was shot late Saturday evening, local media reports said. The officer’s wounds are not said to be life threatening, according to a police spokesperson. The injured officer’s identity was not immediately made public.

The Ferguson police department’s Tim Zoll told KDSK news that the officer was shot in the arm. St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter Christine Byers tweeted that the officer was shot at a business in Ferguson.

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