POLITICAL OPPORTUNITY 101: A Journey Inside The Vagina of Wendy Davis

Published on September 7, 2014

By Tim Young
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Did you know that there’s a War on Women and that we should “stay out of their vaginas”?

I did, because in Texas, that’s all that Wendy Davis has to say about her campaign.  If you haven’t had this beaten to death in your newsfeeds, let me remind you that she was the Texas state senator who made her play in politics with a filibuster to support abortion rights and really doesn’t have much more to run with…   The national Democratic Party even staged President Obama to famously tweet his support of the situation.

Well, I’m not here to argue the validity of the War on Women or even the validity of her as a candidate, what I am going to argue is her successful attempt to garner media attention from her interviews this past week with ABC.

If you hadn’t caught it on social media, Senator Davis took the time this week to discuss her own abortion.  There’s no need to get into the details of the abortion or even whether or not you think abortion is wrong or right (Face it: if you’re on this website, we all know what you think already).  What I want you all to work with is an argument so undeniably true that there are no moral clauses, no War on Women defenses, nothing at all to hide.  I want you if you see that story to simply ask:  Why?

Why was this story dropped 2 months before the election?  Why, in the hours that Senator Davis stood up for abortion did she not bring this up?  Certainly she was running out of topics and this would have fit it…  Why now?

Because plain and simple, this is political opportunity 101.  If you’re in Texas or anywhere in America and are faced with this story… don’t bother arguing abortion rights with someone who disagrees with you, you aren’t going to change their mind… just ask them why, 2 months before an election, a gubernatorial candidate who was so proud to stand up for abortion rights chose to release emotional information about her own experiences.

The answer is political opportunity… and the discussions around it are a big political trap.

Republicans will naturally get sucked into the women’s rights/morals/abortion issue…. When the real issue; the real smoking gun is that Wendy Davis used her own personal tragedy to get media attention and votes. Period.

So I guess what the message from the left should be is: Stay out of my vagina, unless I need you in my vagina to get you to vote for me.

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