RANDOM THOUGHTS About a Nation in Trouble

Written by Larry Usoff on September 22, 2014

As I write this, we still have a Marine in Mexico, captured because he crossed the border in error.  Meanwhile, our Muslim-in-chief is importing Muslims from various places around the world.  Why is he doing that, when it’s non-Muslims that are being slaughtered?  You know the answer the same as I do, these imported people will probably vote in a few years, and they will most likely vote Democrat.  That’s the same reason that our porous southern border is allowing thousands of illegal aliens, and you know that there are terrorists in that mix, as they flood into our border states.  

Also, as I write this I am keenly aware that, because of a social experiment, we elected a man who is an intellectual and moral weenie.  America just had to have a black man as president, to prove that we were no longer a racist country.  Well, guess what folks…we got him, and anyone with two working brain cells has regretted it, and he’s got two years to go, and racism seems to have awakened, but in reverse. Black-on-white crime is rampant in this country.  If you read as many crime reports as I do, you probably would throw up…but, unfortunately, I’m getting desensitized to it.   

Police departments around the country have become nearly as armored-up as the army itself, and I’m not at all sure that’s a good thing.  Do you know what a no-knock warrant is?   This is a new thing, where the law agency doesn’t knock, but bashes the door out of the way and enters in an overwhelming manner, sometimes just to serve a subpoena! Several lawmen have been killed doing this because the occupant of the house was armed and had no idea who they were, so they attempted to protect themselves.   

Punishment has to be politically correct, which is a crock of you-know-what.  If an electric chair is no good, use the chemical cocktail, and if that’s no good there is one method that is quick, guaranteed to work, and it’s cheap. A large-bore bullet to the head does the job, first time, every time.  A .45 caliber bullet, even a hollow-point, is under a dollar, and you can’t get much cheaper than that.   Another quick note about punishment, let’s bring back the tar and feathers punishment.  It’s not lethal, but it certainly is punishing, the perpetrator won’t soon forget it…and we can also add the indignity of being tied to a rail, or nowadays a tree trunk, and brought to the edge of the city and told never to come back.  For minor crimes there’s the sandwich sign advertising what the criminal did, or perhaps a return to the stocks.  

If you don’t like the idea of someone being shot in the head, tarred and feathered or the stocks, how about the old ball-and-chain gangs?  There’s a lot of cleaning-up that they could do around this country.  The nose-in-the-air folks must be having conniption fits hearing this, but I don’t give a rodent’s rear end about them.  I want my America back.

Alexander the Great is reported to have said, “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” America is headed by a sheep right now, when we need a lion, not a lying African.   As a nation we have become the laughing-stock of the world because the imposter-in-chief says one thing and does the opposite.  He’s not even a paper tiger, he’s a toilet-paper tiger, and you know how soft that is, don’t you?   

If there was ever a need for a resignation by the president, this is the time–but he won’t because his humongous ego wouldn’t stand for it.  No president in the history of this great country has ever done more damage to the country than the current one.

The president, who has a variety of military minds to pick, instead chooses to listen to people who have no idea about world politics, much less how to defend the country.  His hand-picked advisers are know-nothings who give him terrible advice as evidenced by his lack of understanding of the imminent threat from Islam, both outside of and inside our borders.  Anybody who truly had the welfare of our country at heart could have done a better job than he has done, and he’s not finished.  He’s got two more years in which to degrade and destroy–not ISIS, but the USA.  

It boggles the mind to list all the things that he has done to ruin this country, all the while blaming it on everyone but himself.  Nobody believes that ordering things that run contrary to the US Constitution don’t come right from the Oval Office.   I have two words for the president and they are RESIGN NOW.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired, www.AirHumanityRadio.net

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Larry Usoff
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