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ROASTED: Jon Stewart Shreds Democrats’ Political Ads As They Try To Run from Obama

Jon Stewart goes to town on the multiple Democratic candidates that are running campaign ads that they want to send out a clear message: they don’t want to be associated with Obama. Ahh, liberals eating liberals. Check this out…

In a radical departure from his typical style, liberal “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart offered an analysis of the November midterm elections and, much to the surprise of many, shredded Democrats who are running in terror from being associated with President Obama who appears as popular with Americans as the metric system.

The enthusiastic audience thought they were in for a treat as the usually-liberal host began talking strategy. One enthusiastic Democrat inappropriately cheered as Stewart questioned if Democrats would retain control of the Senate, prompting the comic to mock the overly-enthused liberal.

Read more: TPNN

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