ROSIE O’DUMB-ASS: Intellectual Giants Of ‘The View’ Attack Krauthammer

Rosie O’Donnell makes her comeback to The View with her usual self. The wizards on The View go after Krauthammer this time. Check it out…

What do Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell think of Charles Krauthammer?

Whoopi, the show’s moderator, thinks Krauthammer is a “narcissist” and O’Donnell, well, has never even heard of him.

Opening the show Tuesday, “The View” foursome discussed the syndicated columnist’s recent comments that President Obama is a “narcissist.”

“He’s calling President Obama a ‘narcissist,’ saying he’s so self-involved,” said Goldberg. “He uses terms like ‘my military,’ ‘my intelligence community’ in speeches and calling him a narcissist is, I guess…that’s how narcissists refer to other narcissists, right?”

“Who is that guy? I’ve never heard of him,” O’Donnell insisted.

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