SAFARI CIGAR: How to Cut, Light, and Smoke A Cigar

Published on September 21, 2014

Don’t know how to cut, light, or smoke a cigar? It’s never too late too start. Here are some basic steps from Bepsoke Post…

How to cut

Cigars are held together at the top by a cap, below which is the shoulder of the cigar. When you’re ready to smoke, cut the cap above the shoulder with a double-bladed cutter. That gives you a wide open surface area for drawing the smoke while still keeping the cigar intact. Aim for about two centimeters; too much more, and you’ll lose the cigar’s structural integrity and it’ll start to unravel as you’re smoking.

How to light

Once you’ve got the flame, you want to hold the tip of the cigar very near (but not touching) it so that the cigar doesn’t get too hot. Hold the tip just over the flame and rotate it slowly. Once the outer layers are lit, or “toasted” — you’ll see a glowing ring around the circumference of the tip — you can bring the flame closer to the cigar’s center and draw air in as you ignite the filler. Once all of the layers are properly lit, lightly blow on the tip to smooth the embers. Now you’re ready to puff.

How to smoke

When it’s properly lit, puff away. Savor the smoke against your palate, but don’t inhale. Take care not to let it go out — wait too long in between puffs and you’ll have to re-do the lighting process, which some purists frown upon.

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