SHE’S ON FIRE, LITERALLY: Man Arrested For Setting Girlfriend’s Vagina On Fire

Published on September 16, 2014

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This is probably one of the most disgusting human beings around. Who does that? Check it out…

Trigger warning: This story contains details of horrific abuse.

Donald Dale Hackman Jr.’s girlfriend was sent to the hospital after what can only be described as a horrific bout of abuse, which included setting the woman’s genitals on fire.

On Friday, Hackman’s girlfriend finally sought treatment for burns, bruising and other injuries at the Heart of Lancaster Hospital ER, in PA. That’s when police began the investigation.

The victim suffered second- and third-degree burns to her lower stomach, genital area and inner thighs, which were all caused, according to reports, by Hackman pouring lighter fuel on her crotch and setting her ablaze. The 46-year-old man eventually extinguished the fire, but yelled at his girlfriend for screaming and crying in pain.

She also said Hackman locked her 7-year-old son inside a closet for 20 minutes after he tried to save his mom from one of the assaults.

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