SLUGFEST: Ward Churchill vs. Dinesh D’Souza

Published on September 13, 2014

Dinesh D’Souza and Ward Churchill battle it out on The Kelly File and talk about America’s role in the world. Check it out…

KELLY: This is the world view, not just of Professor Churchill, that America’s evil and needs to be stopped. But of many who are not on the left, Dinesh, necessarily but on the far left.

DINESH D’SOUZA, FILMMAKER: Yeah. You know, to me this is very fascinating. At one point when I saw Ward Churchill in his home in Atlanta he had said to me, Dinesh, you became a conservative because you came to America in the ’80s in the Reagan era. And he described his involvement in the Vietnam War and how to some degree that had turned him against not just the military but against America. And it occurred to me, you know, we can think whatever we want about Vietnam, but I what think is remarkable is how a whole generation on the left went through that war. And it wasn’t just that they turned against the war, but they made the war a metaphor for the country from the beginning. So, they went right back to Christopher Columbus and they re-wrote American history into becoming a series of Vietnams of war crimes one after the other. And they haven’t stopped. So, if the country is bad, it deserves what it gets. And in a sense the whole thrust of his argument depends on are we in fact Nazi Germany, yes or no? Now, when I see the World Trade Center, I see something totally different than he does. In fact, what I see is America representing a technological capitalism that is making the whole world better. I mean, if Nike or if Apple opens up a jobs wanted sign in Bombay, the lines will be around the block. Why? Because people are seeing hundreds of millions of people are coming out of poverty in Singapore, in Thailand, in China, in India, now, a lot of people still remain poor. I know that. But this technological capitalism here in America is not the problem. It’s, in fact, the solution to the problem. So, to treat the World Trade Center as a symbol of evil, it’s actually a symbol of good in the world.

WARD CHURCHILL, FORMER UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO PROFESSOR: My point, my major point was for all the buzz terms that sound nice when you put them on, I think you see a form of corporatism here. And corporatism is not necessarily capitalist. Corporatism could be fascist for example Mussolini was cooperative. OK. To be a state cooperative the mass and the Soviet Union, that’s the…

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