STRAIGHT SHOOTING: John Bolton on Iraq, Syria and ISIS

On Foxthis week: Ambassador John Bolton gave the best analysis of the situation in the Middle East. He said logically, if we believe ISIS is a mortal threat to the U.S., then ISIS must be destroyed as quickly as possible, because the longer we wait, the more difficult and costly it will be.

Secondly, he said it is ridiculous to rely on a coalition, to assume other fighters will do the fighting for us. He said the Free Syrian Army will never be capable of defeating ISIS. He said the same is true of the failed Iraqi Army, and the Kurds. Essentially, he said the only rational solution is to put American troops on the ground in such size and force as to rapidly destroy ISIS in both Syria and Iraq.

The long term solution, according to Bolton, is to focus on Iran, the potential nuclear threat and the central broker of terrorism worldwide. In all this he said Obama has no rational plan to deal with either ISIS or Iran, and to pretend otherwise is to put Americans at tremendous risk of injury, death, and even defeat.

Bolton said further, if ISIS is not a mortal threat to us, then fighting ISIS is not worth one American life. In that case, logically, it makes sense to support whomever with airstrikes, and tell everyone in the region, you put boots on the ground.

For my part, whether ISIS is a threat to us or not, we have a moral obligation for at least two reasons: we owe it to the Iraqi people since we invaded in 2003, and, ISIS murders women and children by the thousands, even beheading little kids. For this alone, ISIS deserves utter destruction, and America is the only player at present with the ability to do the job.

Our military men and women and our citizens certainly have the will. Unfortunately, we have a leader with no guts, no vision, and no sense of moral obligation.



Allan Erickson

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