How To Survive A Beheading Attempt

Written by Donald Joy on September 20, 2014

The good news first:  Australian authorities have fortunately discovered and broken up a in-progress plot by Muslims to stalk, attack, and behead random innocent people on the streets of that country.  Meanwhile, here in America this week our own law enforcement nabbed an accused ISIS supporter from Yemen, living in Rochester, New York, who is charged with actively recruiting for ISIS and providing weapons and material support for said recruits to attack U.S. military personnel.

Now the bad news:  There are still countless numbers of jihadists (Muslims) here among us, and ISIS operatives have repeatedly Tweeted their plans and commands for “lone wolves” here in the U.S. to “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah (Qur’ an 8:60).”

A law enforcement bulletin obtained by FOX News specifically mentions instructions for jihadists to find the home addresses of American military members online, then “show up and slaughter them.”

There are literally hundreds of millions of Muslims breeding and swarming over the entire planet who overwhelmingly (according to scientific, statistical surveys) not only approve of their prophet’s chosen method of conquest by terror, but are fairly likely to emulate Mohammed and go around sawing off the heads of whoever, wherever–it’s just the Islamic way.  Fairly likely enough, that is, for anyone in proximity to Muslims to have good reason to take measures against becoming an internet video trophy.

One survey reports that a robust 70% of Muslims agree that those who try to leave Islam should be killed.  Not to mention the countless commands toward such savagery against non-Muslims found in the manual governing every aspect of Muslims’ lives and activities, the Koran.

Radical Muslims want to behead you.  “Moderate” Muslims want radical Muslims to behead you.

It’s only a matter of time before sensational Islamic beheadings happen here in North America, even more than they previously have.  We’re already familiar with rampant grisly beheadings done by Mexican drug cartels as a form of terrorizing and intimidating populations near our Southern border.  But we have yet to really experience the full Allahu Akbar-ness of the transnational Islamic sport here on our shores.

Sure, there was that Muslim TV executive guy named Muzzamil Hassan, in Buffalo, New York a few years ago; he got lots of our taxpayer money to help him launch a cable channel, Bridges TV.  The first American Muslim TV network broadcast in English, it was supposed to educate Americans as to how peaceful, civilized, and moderate Muslims allegedly are.  Liberals loved it, and CAIR gave him an award for it.  Then he proceeded to hack his wife’s head off and stab her forty times (the barbaric act was caught on his own TV studio office’s surveillance camera) when she tried to divorce him in 2009.

Of course, our media and authorities have mostly downplayed Islamic “honor killings,” beheadings, and certain so-called “workplace violence” which take place here in the states as much as they can.  But we all know it’s probably going to get real, and real ugly, real soon.

Operate under the assumption that your beheading is already now underway–the plan is in place, the enemy is not far off, and therefore the act is in progress, even though you, as a random (or maybe not so random) target, don’t have exact specifics at hand.  So here are a few tips to help you ward off and live to tell the tale of how you triumphed over Islamic jihad’s agenda to put your noggin on a stick:

1. I hate to be cliche, but if you see something, say something.

I’ve noticed a very unusual amount of police patrols and checkpoints going on in and around my neighborhood in the Washington, D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia.  The more I think about it and reflect on developments, and on the kind of intel the Fairfax County cops are probably getting, I’ve decided it’s all probably a good thing despite my initial irritation about it. I spoke to a couple of the cops who had set up a “road check” near my development.  They played it off as part of routine enforcement for current state car inspection stickers and whatnot. But with the ISIS threats and promises to strike us here in the U.S. (plus the fact that my area has gazillions of Muslims here), I am glad the cops are on the lookout and being aggressive about checking people out.  Seek the police out and relay anything suspicious that you observe, wherever you are…be vigilant.  Tell your companions to watch your back, and watch theirs.

2. Be a “racist.”

One of the fundamental principles of surviving an adverse, life-threatening event has two key elements:  Distance and shielding.  That is, stay away or get away, as far away as possible, from the threat, and, put barriers (ideally, impenetrable barriers such as thick metal and concrete, mountains, etc.) between yourself and the threat.  In other words, avoid Muslims to the extent possible and get substantial amounts of solid matter in between yourself and them.  Thats right; unless you have completely reliable intimate knowledge that any given Muslim does not pose some level of a threat(there are, of course, many harmless Muslims), profile Muslims as members of a totalitarian, murderous, savage cult who probably present at least some degree of opportunity for jihad to take place.  Their religion instructs them to lie and deceive (“taqiyya” and “kitman”) in order to advance Islam, so do not trust them.  I know, I know, as for the race thing, Islam is not a race, etc., but you get my drift.  Name-calling is not the real issue here.

3. Counterattack.

So many in these forums constantly remark about how they conceal carry whatever pistol, and how they’ll double-tap Mohammed between the eyes until their muzzles melt and all that.  Great.  But we all know that even the most paranoid, hyper-vigilant among us sometimes has to go someplace where it’s just not possible or practical to carry, or, we find ourselves in situations where our commando identity has to take a backseat to blending in with normal, real-life humans, travelling across state lines, and other complications.  So what if we sense Ahmed is about to pounce while we happen to be un-strapped, or otherwise somewhat off-guard?  Go cafeteria crazy on the goathumper; grab whatever’s handy and bludgeon away with extreme viciousness until he’s down and desists.  That’s why I love being around chairs.  They are usually substantial enough to actually be a deadly weapon in the hands of someone big enough and determined enough to swing and bash them at an attacker as such.  I hate it when they are attached to a wall, like they are in many fast food places.  Look around, wherever you find yourself, and imagine what you’d have to do to launch a hasty skirmish crusade against an imminent jihadi–what could you use as a weapon?  Who could and would help you, and how would you get their help?  Play out scenarios wherever you are, to the extent you can remind yourself to do it.

4.  Educate others about the true nature of Islam.

Arouse the curiosity of your kids’ school staff by asking them if they even know what Beslan is.  Ask it in a helpful tone of voice; maybe bring it up in a general conversation about school security, Sandy Hook, and such.  Emphasize the word:  Beslan.  Prompt them, if they just give you a blank stare, to do some internet browsing on their own using that simple six-letter name as a keyword.  Make it clear, of course, that you yourself aren’t some kind of psycho threatening the school, just that you’d like them to acquaint themselves (if they haven’t already) with what an organized group has promised they will do here, to our schools and our children.  Engage everyone you safely can (perhaps you really wanted to change jobs anyway?) on the overall topic of Islam, of its history and the character and methods of Mohammed, as being the Manson Family/Helter Skelter on a global scale, which is exactly what it is.  Get them to watch videos and read articles which disabuse them of the usual PC, multicultural nonsense.  Keep at them, jolt them, make them angry at you if necessary, but do not relent.  Survival and self-defense are the moral imperatives.  There will be plenty of time for playing patty-cake with liberals and with exotic cultures after we halt the destruction and disintegration of our own.

5.  Be politically active and support candidates who would bulldoze mosques.

I could say a lot more on this, but I think you get the gist.  Nobody will run for office if they sense their life will be destroyed for merely advocating that we resist Mohammedan throat-cutters building and running Islamic military training academies (mosques) among us.  The best way to survive the attempt to behead you is to forestall it, pre-empt it, undertake a constant Crusade against followers of Mohammed and drive them from our midst.  It’s going to be a long slug but we have no other option if we intend to prevail.  Muslims have been steadily encroaching into, attacking, and subjugating/slaughtering non-Muslim territories and populations for well over a thousand years.  Regardless of whether or not any of our own descendants did anything like that, we have no obligation whatsoever to allow ourselves to be overrun and/or murdered.

Lets keep our heads about all this, then.  Survival is just sensible.

Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.