TAKE THIS HIJAB AND SHOVE IT: Iranian Woman Defies Islam & Shows Her Hair In Sassy Viral Video

Published on September 3, 2014


I wonder how the Religion of Peace will react to this woman dancing on a car without her head covering. Check it out…

A woman thought to be Iranian dared to take off her head scarf while dancing in a YouTube video.

Onlookers can be heard commenting and clapping in the background as she takes out her hair and dances on top of a car, Fox News noted.

The news channel reported that it has not been confirmed if the woman is actually from Iran, where women are required by law to wear head coverings, called hijabs – but if true, her safety may be at risk.

She later tosses her hair in the wind and she continues to move her hands and shake her hips. The video appears to be filmed in a desert.

A small handful of English-language Twitter users have praised the woman.

Read more: Daily Mail

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