TIGER EATS MORON: So Much For The ‘Be One With The Animals’ Crap (Video)

When will people understand that animals like this don’t want to just cuddle with us? This Tiger mauled a man who jumped over the wall and into the animal’s enclosure. Check it out…

New Delhi: The white tiger, which killed a 20-year-old man at the Delhi zoo on Tuesday, eats nearly 10 kilogrammes of buffalo meat daily, an official said.

“Vijay, the white tiger, is fed 10 kg buffalo meat, and is also given glucose, daily in summers. However, during winter, his food intake is increased and he is fed 12 kg of meat,” an official at the National Zoological Park here told a news agency.

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The official said that Vijay undergoes a thorough medical check up every three months.

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